Become a Monthly Donor And Make Every Day Feel Like a Holiday For Our Rescues. image

Become a Monthly Donor And Make Every Day Feel Like a Holiday For Our Rescues.

Your support is what makes dreams come true.


Can you help?

We can always count on two things here at Tomten Farm and Sanctuary …

  1. Senior Rescue Pippalottaspotslongstocking and his friends will need grain, hay, shavings and more, every day, every month and every year that we are lucky enough to be able to provide them with peace, protection and possibility.
  2. The bills for all that and more such as hoof trims, veterinary costs and dental care will arrive every month like clockwork and, one way or another, they must be paid.

We have a way you can help us be more, do more and give more to our rescues all year long—with just one simple click.

Making a difference and contributing every month is easy and convenient. Just use the special "Donate" button and tell us how much you want to gift to the rescues per month, enter in your payment method and you're done! Your tax-deducible donation will arrive in the Tomten Farm and Sanctuary account automatically and will go 100% to the day-to-day care of the animals who need you.

When you sign up to become a Sustainable Partner we know we can count on receiving $10, $25, $50 or more from you each and every month. So in addition to putting food on the table (or, more specifically in the animals' grain buckets), it is a promise from you to Pippa and all the other horses, goats, sheep, pigs, donkeys, rabbits, cows and more that help is not only on the way, it is here to stay.

Every monthly donation, small or large, is appreciated and every single dollar makes an impact. Together we can do more and be more to provide peace, protection and possibility. Together, we are Tomten Farm and Sanctuary.

Thank you!